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The Battleship New Jersey
Part of the six part US naval history series from TRG Historic Content Co. (

This presentation is in two forms: a short form, from 15 to 25 minutes in length, which focuses on USS New Jersey data, history, and views of the ship. Data includes physical, military and engineering data, such as dimensions, displacement, draft, crew complement at different times, number and size of armaments at different times, thickness of armor on different parts of the ship, aircraft carried at different times, and engineering data (engines, boilers, shafts, speed, etc.). A history section covers the dates and locations of each of the four commissionings of the ship and describes its service as flagship of the fleet in WWII under Admirals Halsey and Spruance. The presentation also shows many views of the Battleship in port, at sea, in transit and in battle. Some info is given on the different types of tours and other services provided by the ship. This short version can be combined with other presentations in the six part naval history series from TRG Historic Content Co.

The long form of this presentation runs 30 to 45 minutes in length and focuses on the current day mission of the Battleship New Jersey, including restoration, preservation, education, exhibits, major annual events, encampments, tourism and conventions. Also covered are volunteering, location, facilities and services, rentable spaces, economic impact, other entertainment in the area, what’s new, corporate support, memberships, and transportation facilities.

If time allows, the following videos can be shown: Launch of the New Jersey at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard on 7 Dec 1942; 1st commissioning of the ship at Philadelphia Navy yard in 1943; loading and firing of the Battleship’s 16 inch guns.

About the Developer/Presenter
Ron Gottardi is Volunteer Director of the Oral History Program of the Battleship New Jersey, a former docent (tour guide) and volunteer educator for the ship. This gives him access to the rich material in the museum-ship’s libraries, curatorial archives, and oral history recordings and transcripts. Ron has also developed naval history exhibits for the Battleship New Jersey and other organizations. He is a member of the Oral History Association, the Oral History Mid-Atlantic Region association, the United States Naval Institute and the Historic National Ships Association. Ron is a former Associate Professor at Drexel University and was also adjunct faculty at Rowan University and Temple University. He is a graduate of Rutgers University (B.S.) and completed his master's degree at Temple University.

This presentation can be delivered for a fee to local (southern New Jersey and Philadelphia area) veterans, civic, and public organizations. For local presentation, contact Ron Gottardi at 856-608-7984 or by email at Part of the fee goes to the Battleship New Jersey Oral History Program to continue its interviews of military veterans and to develop more U.S. naval history content. For more info, visit or

Battleship New Jersey talks 2015fJE12.doc; © 2015 Ron Gottardi

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