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Six Presentations of US Naval History
The presentations described below can be delivered live to veterans, civic, library, public and private organizations for a fee and travel expenses. For more information and to book a presentation, contact Ron Gottardi at 856-608-7984 or by email at Part of the fee goes to the Battleship New Jersey Oral History Program to continue its interviews of military veterans and to develop more U.S. naval history content.
The presenter is Ron Gottardi, Volunteer Director of the Oral History Program of the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial. For more info on the presenter, click here.
The Battleship New Jersey
This presentation is in two forms: a short form, from 15 to 25 minutes in length, which focuses on USS New Jersey data, history, and views of the ship. Data includes physical, military and engineering data. A history section covers the dates and locations of each of the four commissionings of the ship and describes its service as flagship of the fleet in WWII under Admirals Halsey and Spruance. The presentation also shows many views of the Battleship in port, at sea, in transit and in battle. This short version can be combined with other presentations in the six part naval history series from TRG Historic Content Co. The long form of this presentation runs 30 to 45 minutes in length and focuses on the current day mission of the Battleship New Jersey. Click here for more info.
The Oral History Program of the Battleship New Jersey (30 minute presentation)
This presentation defines oral history, tells who we are and who we interview (volunteers interviewing veterans), the scope of our program, provides some history, who uses our recordings, how we do the interviewing, shows samples of our work and explains how you can help. Click here for more info.
  In Peril on the Sea: Conflict, Risk and Courage in Command (30 minute presentation)
Hear about the severest test of seamanship and leadership in WWII, a battle which cost more ships, lives, and aircraft than any other; not a battle with the enemy, but a battle with nature – a typhoon. Who was the real hero in the Pacific War? Was it the profane, aggressive, hard-charging Admiral William “Bull” Halsey, commander of the entire fleet, popular with the press and the public, prolific with the sound bites, who gambled with lives, and who wasn’t there when he was needed? Or was it the modest, unassuming Lieutenant Commander Henry Lee Plage, skipper of the smallest ship in the fleet, who took a chance and disobeyed the same Admiral’s orders, so he could rescue scores of sailors out of the 900 dumped into the sea when three ships capsized as a result of the admiral’s risk-taking? Plage expected to be court-martialed. But his crew had some surprises for their skipper and the Admiral. This is a true story Click here for more info.

The Philadelphia Navy Yard Builds a Battelship (60 minute presentation)
Watch the Philadelphia Navy Yard build the battleships USS New Jersey, USS Wisconsin, and USS Washington during World War II. This presentation consists of 80 B&W photos of battleships being built at the Philadelphia Navy Yard (PNY), from authorization and planning through keel laying, construction, launch, fit out, dry dock, and commissioning. Virtually every department and shop of the PNY is shown. This material is adapted from a series of April 1942 articles in The Beacon, the weekly newspaper of the Philadelphia Navy Yard (secondary source: The USS Washington website). Click here for more info.

  Wanted: Model Builders to Create a Diorama of the Philadelphia Navy Yard (45 minute presentation)
Listen to the story of the Philadelphia Navy Yard, the largest shipyard in the US, and perhaps the world, during its peak in World War II. Hear how 50,000 civilian workers, called Yardbirds, built the battleships, aircraft carriers, and other warships. Marvel at the history of this industrial/military behemoth. The Battleships USS New Jersey, USS Wisconsin, and USS Washington were built here. A local museum volunteer is looking for volunteers and paid model builders and financial supporters to help build a large diorama model of the Philadelphia Navy Yard at its historic peak on 7 Dec 1942, the day of the launch of the Battleship New Jersey and the one-year anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Click here for more info.
  The Artist Goes to War
Still under development, this true story is about an artist who handles aircraft ammunition on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Ranger in the Atlantic in WWII. 

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