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The Oral History Program of the Battleship New Jersey Museum & Memorial (see Oral History Program website)
We have created a website for the Oral History Program located on the Battleship New Jersey including logo design, marketing poster and marketing tri-fold brochure.

Philadelphia Navy Yard Diorama (see
We are looking for volunteers and paid model builders willing to help build a large diorama model of the Philadelphia Navy Yard at its historic peak in 1942. We need model train, ship and aircraft builders

Size and scale ...
The scale of the model of the yard and ships would be 1:160 (model railroading N scale). There are two advantages to this scale:

1. Using this scale will enable us to purchase some existing models of buildings, railroad track and equipment, vehicles, people, etc., rather than build everything from scratch. To appreciate the number and variety of sources for N-scale products, see Appendix C for a partial list of vendors supplying N-scale products.

2. We would also be able to have remote-controlled moving railroad equipment, perhaps interactively operated by exhibit visitors.

At this scale, the Battleship New Jersey would be about 66 inches long.

Portion of Naval Shipyard ...
To model the entire Naval Shipyard and Navy Base of 1,200 acres at this scale would take up approximately 1,800 sf, too large for most potential locations. We would start by modeling the riverside section of the Naval Shipyard, an area of about 110 acres, (see Figure 1 in Appendix F) which would be a model of about 208 sf at the N Scale of 1:160. As more space for the exhibit became available, we could increase the size of the model. Site is yet to be determined.

Space Requirements ...
A model of about 208 ft.² would require approximately 600 ft.² of exhibit area for circulation and maintenance access. The most effective room dimensions would be approximately 20’ x 30’.


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