TRG Historic Content Co.

EXHIBITS Website Design
& Development
Logo Design Catalog, Brochure
Design and Production
Title, Slogan, Tagline Creation Posters  Copywriting, Article &
 Business Plan Writing 

Exhibit design  TRG Historic Content Co.    Oral History Program brochure  The Artist Goes to War  Oral History Program poster  Jerseyman article  Publicity Campaigns 
Exhibit development    The Artist Goes to War exhibit brochure  Oral History Program tagline: We need veterans…  The Artist Goes to War exhibit poster  PNY Diorama Business Plan  Fund Raising Consulting 
Exhibit consulting BB-62 Oral History Program PNY Diorama brochure Battleship New Jersey Oral History Program Capital Fund Raising Plan             
The Artist Goes to War exhibit  Phila. Navy Yard Diorama            Oral History Program Grant Application 
Phila. Navy Yard Builds a Battleship exhibit             
Phila. Navy Yard Diorama exhibit design  The Artist Goes to War exhibit                   

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